Available titles A-Z by author

Andersen, Hans Christian The Ice Virgin translated by Paul Binding

Bely, Andrey The Silver Dove translated by John Elsworth

Bryusov, Valery; Bulgakov, Mikhail et al. Red Spectres: Russian 20th-century Gothic-fantastic tales selected and translated by Muireann Maguire

Fontane, Theodor Cécile translated by Stanley Radcliffe

Hasek, Jaroslav The Bachura Scandal and other stories translated by Alan Menhennet

Heym, Georg The Thief and other stories translated by Susan Bennett

Hofmannsthal, Hugo von Selected Tales translated by J.M.Q.Davies

Kleist, Heinrich von et al. Six German Romantic Tales translated by Ronald Taylor

Schnitzler, Arthur Selected Short Fiction translated by J.M.Q. Davies

Sienkiewicz, Henryk Charcoal Sketches and other tales translated by Adam Zamoyski

Stifter, Adalbert Brigitta; with 'Abdias', 'Limestone' and 'The Forest Path' translated by Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly

Storm, Theodor A Doppelgänger; with 'Aquis submersus' translated by Denis Jackson

–– Carsten the Trustee; with 'The Last Farmstead', 'The Swallows of St George's' and 'By the Fireside' translated by Denis Jackson

–– The Dykemaster (Der Schimmelreiter) translated by Denis Jackson

–– Grieshuus: The Chronicle of a Family translated by Denis Jackson

–– Hans and Heinz Kirch; with 'Immensee' and 'Journey to a Hallig' translated by Denis Jackson and Anja Nauck

–– Paul the Puppeteer; with 'The Village on the Moor' and 'Renate' translated by Denis Jackson

 Theotokis, Konstantinos Slaves in their Chains translated by J.M.Q. Davies

Tynyanov, Yury Young Pushkin translated by Anna Kirkina Rush and Christopher Rush

 Zoshchenko, Mikhail The Galosh and other stories translated by Jeremy Hicks