Angel Classics brings new discoveries of classic European authors previously unavailable in English or only in poor translations. Angel translations have won a leading reputation for scrupulous fidelity to their originals and their impact in English. Each title includes an absorbing introduction which draws the reader into the author’s life and time.

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Two newly published translations of German masterworks

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Iphigenia in Tauris

The leading Germanist Roy Pascal’s translation of Goethe’s moving version of the Iphigenia-Orestes story was first broadcast on BBC radio in 1954 in a production by Val Gielgud (with Maria Becker, Marius Goring and Donald Wolfit) and again in 1966 in a production by H.B. Fortuin (with Irene Worth, Denys Hawthorne and Michael Hordern). It is now published for the first time. ‘This translation could have been written today,’ writes Martin Swales in his Introduction. ‘It has stood the test of time, and in that sense it is a classic.’

Goethe’s version of the Classical Greek legend speaks with particular urgency to us today. In this eloquent blank verse drama Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon, leader of the Greek forces in the Trojan War, in exile as a priestess in the barbaric land of the Tauri (Crimea), by her own unaided human efforts lifts the Tantalid family curse and ends the chain of revenge killings through the generations. …more

‘Goethe’s neoclassical blank-verse drama ranks among his supreme masterpieces . . . This translation captures the elevated yet simple dignity of its diction.’

– Ritchie Robertson, Times Literary Supplement

Theodor Storm
A Doppelgänger; with Aquis submersus

This fifth selection of Denis Jackson’s definitive series of translations of the novellas of Theodor Storm includes the little-known late masterpiece A Doppelgänger, the dramatic story of an ex-prisoner’s struggle for rehabilitation, along with one of Storm’s most celebrated tales, Aquis submersus, a tragedy of passion and a powerful critique of the North German landowning Junker class.

‘Storm’s is a world from which the classical ideals of personal freedom and regeneration have faded, but his powerful tragic novellas insist on the human need for hope.’

– Barbara Burns