Angel Classics brings new discoveries of classic European authors previously unavailable in English or only in poor translations. Angel translations have won a leading reputation for scrupulous fidelity to their originals and their impact in English. Each title includes an absorbing introduction which draws the reader into the author’s life and time.

Angel discovers a new star in the Russian firmament ...

Vladislav Khodasevich
Selected Poems

Vladislav Khodasevich (1886–1939), deleted from literary history in the Soviet era because of his emigration in 1922 with his partner Nina Berberova, has since been welcomed in Russia into its 20th-century pantheon of poets, where he was long ago placed by Vladimir Nabokov and Joseph Brodsky.

Khodasevich is a modernist yet standing for continuity, relishing the verse forms of Pushkin. In the postrevolutionary era of the 1920s, in the sound and fury of poetic schools battling for supremacy, his restrained and understated tone was misunderstood.  …more

‘Khodasevich is one of the great undiscovered poets of the 20th century. His verse is inventive, sharp and sensuous, full of the pain of exile yet suffused with hope and belief in the redemptive power of poetry. Peter Daniels’ translations capture the rhythm and the soul of his art.’

– Martin Sixsmith

... to add to other modern Russian masters recently published ...

V. Bryusov/M. Bulgakov/S. Krzhizhanovsky et al.
Red Spectres: Russian 20th-century Gothic-fantastic tales

New in paperback

Russian writers from Pushkin to Bulgakov and beyond have produced outstanding ghost stories, supernatural thrillers, and other tales of the uncanny. In the first decades of the 20th century the Gothic-fantastic genre flourished in Russia, despite official efforts to stamp it out. Few of these stories have been translated or published outside Russia. This collection includes eleven vintage tales by seven writers of the period: …more

‘Exquisitely translated, these stories are the stuff of Gothic fiction: dreams that won’t let us sleep and images we can’t chase from our minds. Really quite wonderful.’

– Claire Looby, Irish Times

Marina Tsvetaeva
Phaedra with ‘New Year’s Letter’ and other long poems

New in paperback

Marina Tsvetaeva’s verse drama Phaedra is perhaps the most extraordinary of all literary treatments of the Phaedra legend. It is primarily about female passion, and its most powerful figures are the female ones. Dangerously high voltage runs through all of them …more

‘Tsvetaeva’s Phaedra is a work of thrilling intensity, and Angela Livingstone’s amazing translation has captured the heart and soul of it.’

– Michael Frayn