Welcome to Angel Classics

A small independent publisher’s magical list of new translations which catch the true voices of foreign classic fiction and poetry. Some of our titles have never before been available in English, others only in inadequate translations. All are great reads – from a variety of European languages, especially German and Russian.


About Angel Classics

I started Angel Classics some years ago, having come to the conclusion, as an editor and translator, that much foreign classic literature tended to be passed over by publishers in favour of what was more modern and usually less lasting, and that a high proportion of published translations were poor or outdated. Angel has been determinedly kept small and selective, concentrating on authors and works, fiction and verse, not readily or adequately available in English. At first hardback editions were produced simultaneously with paperback, then paperback originals only. The current list does not contain all the titles that Angel has published; some have been subsequently subleased for a wider market. and some are out of print . . . More

‘I very much value Angel Classics’ - Doris Lessing

‘The Angel list is a good thing.’ - Seamus Heaney

Hans Christian Andersen  •  Gennady Aygi  •  Andrey Bely  •  Pierre Corneille  •  Theodor Fontane  •  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  •  Jaroslav Hašek •  Heinrich Heine  • Georg Heym  •   Hugo von Hofmannsthal  •  Vladislav Khodasevich   •   Nikolay Leskov  •   Miodrag Pavlović  •  Fernando Pessoa  •  Alexander Pushkin  •  Arthur Schnitzler  •  Henryk Sienkiewicz  •  Adalbert Stifter  •  Theodor Storm  •  Konstantinos Theotokis  •   Georg Trakl  •  Marina Tsvetaeva  •  Yury Tynyanov  •  Mikhail Zoshchenko